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We're here to resource high school girls, refine the knowledge and skills they have, and extend opportunities for women to reinvest.

EquipHer is a program designed to sharpen the character of high school girls by partnering them with mentors who will help them navigate relevant topics and develop essential life skills. 

Using authentic conversation and developmental resources, this program will ultimately equip every young woman to be a positive influence in the world around them.



Mentors and mentees will gather together once a month to hear from dynamic leaders in the local community and participate in engaging exercises to learn new life skills for womanhood.


Shine Retreat

This retreat is built around 3 core values - worth, resilience, and purpose. Using the Hillsong Shine Girl curriculum, our high school girls getaway to enjoy a time of fun and refining of their inner values and self-worth. This retreat includes dynamic sessions, thrilling team challenges, and mentee bonding.  



One-on-One Mentoring

During the program year, mentors and will meet individually with their mentee to build meaningful relationships and to offer assistance as they work towards their goal for the year. At EquipHer, we are dedicated to investing one on one time with each of our girls.

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