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We don't know how you might've heard about EquipHer. Whether you saw us on social media, out in the community, or heard about it from a friend, we're glad you're here. At EquipHer, we want to partner with parents during one of the most challenging and transitional time periods for a high school girl. Here is an idea of what you can expect your student to experience during her time with EquipHer.


Mentorship - Each student is matched with a female, adult mentor at the beginning of the program year. Mentors volunteer their time to invest in each mentee in hopes that they will establish a lifelong relationship. We utilize a system that matches your mentee based on her goals, current challenges, and academic aspirations. 

Life Skills Development - Our monthly gatherings are where we focus on equipping each young lady with tools and resources she can apply to her life currently as well as in the future as she transitions into adulthood. We determine our gathering topics and objectives based on current events, needs of parents and students, and recommended topics from school administrators and counselors.

Character Development - While mentorship and gatherings are conducive environments for character development, we offer our annual Shine Retreat for students who are a part of EquipHer. This retreat focuses in on 3 major topics: worth, resilience, and purpose. With intensive sessions, team challenges, and engaging activities, our mentees embark upon a journey towards deeper meaning and recognizing their purpose in life.

parent involvement

EquipHer is here to partner with you as a parent. Your responsiveness and involvement is another key to the overall success of each mentee involved at EquipHer. Our staff and EquipHer Dream Team want to serve your family. Here are some ways to get involved!



We will offer opportunities for parents to meet with EquipHer staff and Dream Team for you to ask questions, learn of any needs, and become more involved.



We would be HONORED for our parents to join the EquipHer Dream Team. You can volunteer in various capacities and can stay up to date on things related to EquipHer. 

end of year celebration

At the end of each program year, we celebrate all the accomplishments of our mentees. We'd love your help in making this happen. If you have a passion for events and parties, let us know!


Are you ready to register an EquipHer mentee?

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