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EquipHer mentors are committed and available to their mentee and to EquipHer for the entire program year.


EquipHer mentors encourage their mentees to achieve any personal goals they set for the year.


EquipHer mentors don't know it all, but they know how to help mentees find the answers to questions about college, goals, and life.


EquipHer mentors know how to have FUN! We help drive the energy of every gathering, retreat, and meet up!


21 &Older

We believe that mentorship can happen no matter the age difference. However, we desire to offer a specific type of mentorship between girls in high school and adult women in their career.


We take our mentor screening process seriously. Here are a few requirements.

1. Submit a completed mentor application.

2. Pass a criminal background check.

3. Complete an interview with EquipHer Dream Team.


As obvious as it may sound, we want mentors who are passionate about investing in the next generation. If you're just looking to get volunteer hours this might not be the fit for you. We need mentors who genuinely care about high school-aged girls.


Are you ready to become an EquipHer mentor?

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