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EquipHer mentees are committed to reaching their personal goals, attending scheduled events and growing in their relationship with their mentor.


EquipHer mentees remain engaged with the material presented throughout the program year and find ways to apply what they've learned to everyday life.


EquipHer mentees strive to be teachable and trust the guidance of our mentors as we guide them through challenging life lessons.


EquipHer mentees know how to have FUN! They help drive the energy of every gathering, retreat, and meet up!


9th - 12th grade

While we would LOVE to offer this program to young girls of all ages, we are specifically offering EquipHer to female, high school students.


We take our mentee recruiting process seriously. Here are a few requirements.

1. Submit a completed mentee application.
2. Complete an interview with EquipHer Dream Team.
3. Have your parents complete and submit required Parent Forms.


As obvious as it may sound, we want mentees who are passionate about being a part of this program. If you're just attending because your mom made you do it, this might not be the fit for you. We want mentees who genuinely care about growing and being a part of EquipHer.


Are you ready to become an EquipHer mentee?

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