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Thinking of our Self Less

Selfless - unselfish; concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own.

In a world that often drives personal convenience and self gratification, we found it necessary to equip our mentees with skills that are becoming more of a rarity every day. In our most recent gathering themed "I am Selfless," we discussed how it is very much possible to selflessly #value others without neglecting ourselves in the process.

Pictured is a mentee reaching for one of the many hair care and beauty products to add to the bundle she's assembling.
Mentees assembling bags for the Bundles initiative.

It was a pleasure to welcome Cassandra Dorsaint from One More Child. The mission of One More Child is to provide Christ-centered services to vulnerable children and struggling families. Part of the organization's overall vision is to serve victims of human trafficking. When the organization set out on this mission, they learned that the majority of the women they served were women of color. Unfortunately, many of the beauty and hair products the organization collected as donations were not designed for these women.

One More Child has set out to directly address this problem. The EquipHer mentees had the opportunity to participate in their newest initiative called Bundles. Bundles will provide hair care products specifically for women of color rescued through their anti-trafficking program. Our students assembled "bundles" (bags filled with hair care products) for these women to know they’re beautiful and feel it, too.

We extend our warmest gratitude to One More Child for this incredible initiative. You can learn more about all of the work that One More Child is a part of by visiting the One More Child website here.

One more child representative pictured with EquipHer mentees and Dream Team
Dream Team and mentees with Cassandra Dorsaint of One More Child

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