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I Am Enough

We officially kicked off our 2021-2022 program year a few weeks ago, on September 11th, with our first in-person gathering of this program year. We are excited to have 10 mentees and 10 dream team volunteers participate.

The first monthly gathering took place in-person on Saturday, September 12th. The event began with an exciting ice breaker activity, where participants were paired and asked one another twenty questions. In an effort to strengthen their public speaking skills and confidence, participants shared fun fact about their partner. Mentees also engaged in meaningful discussion with their mentors, including recognizing the current health of their self-esteem and intentional steps to boost esteem where needed.

Despite the lingering challenges presented by the pandemic, we are happy to be able to meet in-person for our monthly gatherings in a safe, clean environment. We thank SOAR Co-Working, Inc. for the opportunity to once again utilize such a beautiful space to meet.

Program Topic: I Am Enough

The first monthly gathering centered around learning about self-esteem and confidence. We started the session by learning more about one another and engaging students in conversation.

We conducted an activity that caused all participants to vulnerably express where they are challenged with their self-esteem. We continued the day by breaking out to smaller groups in order for mentors and mentees to engage in deeper conversation around the topic of self-esteem.

The goal of the day's exercises was to help our mentees recognize the significance of having healthy levels of confidence and amidst a culture and age that is riddled with comparison.

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