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Learning About Diversity & Inclusion

October feels like the start of a new season, with slightly cooler weather and the start of months of holiday celebrations. Even though the celebrations might look a bit different, the spirit is still there. We hope that you have a fun Halloween this year.

Our October monthly gathering took place on October 10th, 2020. Our program centered on diversity and inclusion.

On a more serious note, diversity and inclusion have never been more timely and important. With protests and movements drawing attention to the work that still needs to be done. While it’s an important topic for high school students, it’s also important in the workplace.

Program Topic: Diversity & Inclusion

We learned more about diversity and inclusion. We learned about the definition of diversity and inclusion, which many of the participants didn’t fully understand. The words can be used interchangeably sometimes without recognizing the differences.

Diversity is the traits and characteristics that make people unique.

Inclusion is the behavior and social norms that make people feel welcome.

Then we identified and addressed our own personal biases and determined how these biases impact our everyday decision. Everyone has biases that they aren’t aware of. You can’t overcome biases that you don’t realize that you have.

You can learn more about your own unconscious biases by taking the test at Project Implicit.

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