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Overcoming Communication Barriers

As we prepare for the 2021-22 program year, we're OVER-communicating about our EquipHer mentee and Dream Team volunteer registrations. While, most adults are responsive to email communications, we're recognizing that many of our students don't respond to them very well.

Instead of allowing frustrations to settle in, we're learning what are some of the successful modes of communication for our particular audience segment of high school students. After reading this New York Times article, we gained greater insight on #genz thoughts towards email communication.

It's important that our organization seeks to grow and ensure that our students remain connected and informed about what's happening in our program. Though it's a bit taxing, it's best that we start wrapping our minds around the fact that we might eventually need to decrease our reliance on email #communication.

As we anticipate an exciting program year ahead, we're doing all we can to see increases in applications and involvement. So, learn more today about joining our Dream Team or registering a mentee, today.

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